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We are a non-profit dedicated to serving the needs of struggling people around the world providing for the needs of the body, mind, and soul. We serve vegan healthy meals with love!

We offer support to those affected heavily in Ukraine.
We support Food for a life ( free hot meals) and offer financial support to ukrainians, affected by war.
The money are sent to the reliable organization in Ukraine and used for:

* Food
* Transportation to relocate
* First aid
* Housing

Our organization is giving a special attention to kids in Ukraine.
You always can donate using our button in the right upper corner,
please write: for Ukraine Food for Life.
See video here

Thank you so much for your support to Ukrainian people.
We sent with your help about $120,000.00 to Ukrainian refugees.
These money helped to flee the war zone to safety, get food and essential goods🙏
These money also support Food for life project.
Over 35, 000.00 was distributed to refugees.
Thank you so much for Your kind and loving response.

United we feed!